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Jesus Did It

W. D. J. D.

What Did Jesus Do

1. Jesus left his home in heaven and entered our world.

2. Jesus reached out to us even though we were sinners.

3. Jesus suffered and died as an atonement for all our sins.

4. Jesus defeated death. He rose from the grave and appeared to hundreds of witnesses.

5. Jesus returned to heaven where he hears the prayers of his followers and prepares for his return.

Jesus paid the price so that you could be forgiven of your sin and experience the life that God wants for you. But you must respond to Gods provision before it will do you any good. You need to turn from your life without God, admit your need for him, and trust him.

Accept and believe that Jesus is who he says he is.Repent (turn from your life without him and fall into the loving hands of Jesus.) Commit your life to him and his purposes in this world. Let Jesus reign in your heart and make you whole!